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Cooking with Essential Oils

It only takes a tiny amount of essential oils to add flavor any dish when using oils in your cooking. Generally just a drop or two at most is more than sufficient, but please remember—you must only use those oils that are specifically marked safe for internal use. Young Living have made it easy to identify the oils safe for cooking by labeling them as “Vitality” blends or single oils.

Here are some of our favorite essential oils which work great for cooking:

  • Lavender — scones or even savory dishes like fish bakes
  • Oregano, or Thyme — savory dishes, fish, gravy, marinades, salsas, dips
  • Lemon— dips, tea, flavored water, treats
  • Peppermint — tea, lemonade, flavored water, candies and chocolates
  • Bergamot—tea for anxiety

General Principles for using oils in cooking:

When using oils in savory recipes, always dilute into a bit of olive or coconut oil before stirring into your recipe. If you are making sweets, you can use honey or syrup as a base.

Because of the nature of essential oils you will also want to note that it is not always a 1:1 comparison when comparing essential oil to the natural herb, or ingredient. Sometimes cooking with essential oils may come over too strong, or has a moderately different flavor than the raw ingredient. You will have to experiment and have fun with your cooking to get best results according to your personal taste 🙂


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