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Lavender Essential Oil for Burns

Lavender is one on the most relaxing aromas that nature has to offer. With the soothing and gentle sent of summer flowers bending gently in the breeze.

The delicate and relaxing side of Lavender is well know but less well known, at least to me, was the power of lavender outside the senses. I was stunned when I used Lavender essential oil directly on a burn for the first time.

Lavender essential oil for burns

I have burnt myself before many times and suffered the lingering irritation of the pain as a stubborn reminder of my lack of care handling a hot cup of Tea, or touching up against a pan fresh out of the over. But this time I quickly coated my burn with lavender essential oil. I would like to say that the pain went away totally – but it didn’t, but it was better than without. But to my surprise, when the pain eventually went away with ice application, I noticed there was no visual indication of a burn whatsoever.

Another time, I received a lesser burn which i treated immediately with my essential lavender oil. My but was soothed and again there was no visible indication remaining of my little mishap.

Usually before I began using Lavender for burns the evidence of a burn would remain for a while, and the pain lasts much longer.

I am a strong believer in Lavender oil usage for burns, but I do not pretend to give medical advice, just a personal testimony to my experience. Please do not use if you have any allergies to Lavender and check to see how sensitive you are to small amounts of direct (or in combination with a carrier oil like coconut oil) before using directly in larger quantities for burns. You know your body, but you should always check with a medical advisor if you have any concerns or specific questions relating to use of essential Oils for health. Do not use just any lavender oil, essential oils are not made equal. Check to see that you are using highest quality medicinal grade oils only.

Cheap standard scented oils for oil burners are not the same quality of oil.

There are many articles that cover the medical stats and go into detail about why Lavender is so good for burns – so check out some additional links below for more in-depth studies and additional tips for keeping Essentials Oils in your medicine bag or cabinet 🙂

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