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Essential Oil Guide

What Are Essential Oils?essential oils being put in a bowl

Essential oils are nothing more than the fragrant ingredient that is naturally in plants. Essential oils generally are used to stimulate particular reactions or emotions and are also used to help the body when tired, stressed, or in pain. The idea utilization use of essential oils is by utilizing the olfaction process to bring about the preferred state of relaxation or relief, within the mind or body.

How To Use Essential Oils

There are only two ways in which you can use them. The first is to apply them directly or indirectly to your skin, through methods such as spraying the oil on to your skin, rubbing directly onto your body through massage, or placing drops in a nice hot relaxing bath. And secondly, you can inhale the fragrance through the use of a diffuser or evaporation. You must never take them orally through drinking or with food, no matter how much you dilute the quantity as consumption can cause significant poisoning even in small amounts. You must also consider that the use of undiluted essential oils on sensitive skin or in the nostrils can irritate or burn.

Which Method Of Applying Essential Oils is Best?

How you apply them is very much dependent on what effect or result you are looking to gain. Also, you will need to consider whether or not certain oils will create an adverse reaction on your skin due to their potency. If you are looking to treat issues within your skin, such as marks or burns, then, of course, massaging directly to the affected area is the best option at the relative potency (in other words – never apply direct to your skin, without first diluting them). If your objective is to improve your mood, overcome tiredness or stress etc., then the best methods of application are by way of inhalation through either a diffuser or inhaling steam through adding a few drops of the relevant oil to a bowl of hot water. 

self massaging oils into face
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Applying Oils Directly To The Skin.

When using directly on your skin, there are some key factors you need to take into consideration. Firstly, oils will generally be placed into three different groups; Neat, Dilute, Sensitive. If the oil is within the Neat group, then there is no need to dilute it. If it is categorized within the Dilute group, then this is telling you it must always be diluted. And if it is within the Sensitive group, this is an indicator that you should dilute if applying to sensitive skin, and particularly to young children/babies.

Areas Of The Body You Can Apply Oils.

 Essential oils cannot be applied to every part of the body, due to the various sensitivity levels of our skin. There are eight key areas of the body where you can use them, and each area naturally generates a specific result. The key areas are The face, for helping with the complexion. The forehead, temples and neck, especially the upper part of the back of the neck at the base of the head, to help relieve tension. The inner roof of the mouth, to help bring about a balance within your emotions. The abdomen area, which helps with digestive issues. The chest, to help with breathing. And finally, the feet, primarily through massaging the soles, which helps benefit the whole body.

Types of Essential Oils

lavender essential oil
Lavender Oil
peppermint vitality oil
Peppermint oil
lemon vitality oil
Lemon Oil
frankincense essential oil
frankincense oil
thieves vitality
Thieves® oil
citrus fresh vitality
Citrus Fresh oil
Cedar Wood Oil
vetiver oil
Vetiver oil
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